ATLAS Analysis Tools in Languages, Architectures, and Systems

The ATLAS lab at Wellesley CS builds program analysis tools to find and prevent bugs without getting lost. We work across the implementation stack to develop program analysis support in programming languages, compilers, runtime systems, and computer architectures.


  • August 2018:

    Ben will serve on the program committee for CC 2019. Submit.

  • 2017-2018:

    Ben is on sabbatical until Fall 2018.

  • May 2018:

    Valerie Zhao ‘18 successfully defended her undergraduate thesis on dynamic binary instrumentation.

  • December 2017:

    Valerie Zhao ‘18 received an Honorable Mention in the 2018 CRA Undergraduate Researcher Awards.

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Faculty: Ben Wood

Students and Alumnae:

  • Valerie Zhao '18
  • Ella Chao '18
  • Sam Mincheva '17
  • Kasey Shen '17
  • Sunnia Ye '17

Current/Recent Collaborators


Benjamin P. Wood, Man Cao, Michael D. Bond, Dan Grossman
OOPSLA 2017: ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, and Applications, October 2017
Yuanfeng Peng, Benjamin P. Wood, Joseph Devietti
MICRO 2017: IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture, October 2017
CC 2017: International Conference on Compiler Construction, February 2017
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Student Work

Valerie Zhao '18
Evaluation of Dynamic Binary Instrumentation Approaches: Dynamic Binary Translation vs. Dynamic Probe Injection, undergraduate thesis 2017-2018
Honorable Mention, CRA Undergraduate Researcher Awards, 2018
Thread Ownership Policy Checking, spring 2017
Ella Chao '18
Thread Ownership Policy Annotations, spring 2017
Sam Mincheva '17
Sound Thread Local Analysis for Lockset-Based Dynamic Data Race Detection, undergraduate thesis 2016-2017
Kasey Shen '17
Thread Ownership Profiling, spring 2017
Profiling Synchronization Patterns in Multithreaded Programs, 2015-2016
2nd place, undergraduate research competition, CCSCNE 2016
Sunnia Ye '17
Profiling Tools for Multithreaded Programs, 2015


The ATLAS lab is supported by:

  • A grant from GE Global Research
  • The Anchor Point Assistant Professorship in Computer Science at Wellesley College