History of Cred Lab


Summer 2017

  • Wellesley Cred Lab was formally founded in the summer of 2017.
  • Prof. Mustafaraj was working together with Emma Lurie ‘19 and Khonzoda Umarova ‘20.
  • The project for auditing search engine result pages (SERP) by building our own SERP observatory was started.
  • The project for identifying credibility signals that can help categorize websites of questionable origin or content was started.
  • The team submitted a proposal for an NSF CAREER grant, which was eventually accepted and funded.

This is the final poster of SERP Observatory of Pseudo-Science: Exploring Misinformation in Google Searches by Khonzoda, Emma, and Prof. Mustafaraj. Click the button to take a look:

September 2017 thru May 2018

  • Cred Lab kept expanding considerably during this academic year.
  • The following students joined Emma and Khonzoda: Anna Fernandez ‘20, Emily Wang ‘20 (as part of the SERP program – not to be confounded with SERP);  Ellie Czepiel ‘20,  Annabel Rothschild ‘20, Yige Zhu ‘21, Ngina Kariuki ’19, Dorothy Sun ’19, Fatima Irfan ’21, and Anna Kawakami ‘21.
  • Expanding the SERP observatory
  • The team supported our study about the credibility of news sources that led to the WebSci ‘18 paper, with main author Emma Lurie ‘19.
2017-2018 Group Photo

Summer 2018

  • These three students joined Prof. Mustafaraj in the summer program: Dongchen Huang ‘19, Yige Zhu ‘21, and Jun Ru Andersoon ‘21.
  • The team designed and conducted a user study about the appearance of real and fake news websites that led to the HT ‘19 paper.
Jun Ru, Jennifer, and Yige

September 2018 thru May 2019

  • The NSF CAREER grant officially started in September, coinciding with Prof. Mustafaraj’s sabbatical
  • Cred Lab team kept growing. Returning students included: Emma Lurie ‘19, Khonzoda Umarova ‘20, Annabel Rothschild ‘20, Yige Zhu ‘21, and Anna Kawakami ‘21 (a SERP fellow for this year).
  • New members included: Mileva Van Tuyl ‘21 (also a SERP fellow), Beatriz Paulino-Ozuna ’22, Ashley Yang ’22, Sarai Hertz-Velasquez ’22, Claire Devine ’22, Michaella Henry ’21, Denise Han ’21, and Elaney Cheng ‘22.
  • Expanding the work on the credibility of online sources and the audit of search engines.
  • As part of the auditing project, the team started focusing on Top stories, leading to a first paper on at FLAIRS ’19.
  • Continued the work on Knowledge Panels on Google Search, with a C+J ‘19 paper and a WikiPedia paper.
2018-2019 Group Photo

Summer 2019

  • Five Wellesley students worked in the summer lab: Daphka Alius ‘19, Mileva Van Tuyl, ‘21, Funing Yang ‘22, Jane Yang ‘22, and Claire Devine ‘22.

The team worked on several projects, including:

  • fact-check characterizations
  • a web literacy website
  • the Russian interference in the 2016 elections
  • Prof. Mustafaraj, Emma Lurie ‘19 and Claire Devine ‘22 co-authored a FAT* ‘20 paper.

Check out the variety of posters from the session below:

Daphka Alius
Claire Devine
Jane Yang
Mileva Van Tuyl

September 2019 thru May 2020

  • Many of the lab members returned, including: Annabel Rothschild ‘20, Khonzoda Umarova ‘20, Yige Zhu ‘21, Anna Kawakami ‘21, Mileva van Tuyl ‘21, Beatriz Paulino-Ozuna ’22, Ashley Yang ’22, and Michaella Henry ’21.
  • New members joined the team as well: Junita Sirait ‘22, Jennifer Miranda ‘22 (both SERP fellows), Mackenzie Weatherley ‘22, Shreya Parjan ‘21, and Celeste Tran ‘23.
  • Several students expressed interest in shadowing the lab and attended the weekly meetings: Funing Yang ‘22, Lana Abdi ‘23, Nujuma Taha ‘23, Amy Fung ‘23,  Udita Bahaj ‘22, and Andy Dimnaku (a student from Wellesley High School).

Summer 2020

  • Three Wellesley students worked in the summer lab: Junita Sirait ‘22, Mackenzie Weatherly ‘22, Jessi Kim ‘23, as well as Sophia Piper, a student from Marblehead High School.
  • Junita worked on building an interactive website for the Top stories election data.
  • Jessi worked on building the two WordPress websites on Cred Lab and Web Literacy Outreach.
  • Mack worked on following and reporting on misinformation news using Python-related tools.
  • Sophie worked on analyzing Twitter data using Python-related tools.