Introducing our Summer 2020 Research Fellows

This summer we cannot be on campus due to the shutdown because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, some members of the lab are still doing research remotely.

Junita Sirait ‘22 (who started in the lab in September 2019 as a SERP fellow) is currently in Indonesia. She is building an interactive website for exploring our Google Top stories about the 2020 election.

Mackenzie Weatherly ‘22 (who started in the lab in December 2019) is currently in Chicago, IL. Mackenzie is working with Prof. Mustafaraj in understanding and categorizing how misinformation experts use their Twitter presence to talk about misinformation.

Jessi Kim ‘23 – Jessi is our newest member of the lab, starting today. Jessi will be in charge of completely redesigning our lab website and our outreach website on web literacy. Welcome Jessi!

Sophia Piper (Marblehead High School) – Sophia has been shadowing the lab since Spring 2020. She is learning to work with the Twitter API to collect data that will help with our misinformation project.

All lab members will report at the end of the summer about what they accomplished.