Eni Mustafaraj Presents at the IC2S2 Conference - On July 18-20, the 6th International Conference on Computational Social Science was held virtually. Our lab director Eni Mustafaraj presented a paper on Google’s Top Stories and the Fairness Doctrine, also helmed by Anna Kawakami, Emma Lurie, and Khonzoda Umarova. Watch her presentation below:
Presenting at HyperText 2020 - HyperText Conference 2020 took place virtually over moderated zoom calls due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The paper “The ‘Fairness Doctrine’ lives on? Theorizing about the Algorithmic News Curation of Google’s Top Stories” written by Anna Kawakami, Khonzodakhon Umarova, Dongchen Huang and Eni Mustafaraj was presented. Click here to read more about their paper presented on the … Continue reading "Presenting at HyperText 2020"
Edit-A-Thon 2020 - Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, communities around the world still find a way to connect for the highly anticipated annual event: Edit-A-Thon. As of July 13, there were: 15 articles created, 169 articles edited, 847 edits, 140 editors, 54.7k words added, 719 references, 20.4k article views. How outstanding! SACNAS X 500 Women Scientists hosted the … Continue reading "Edit-A-Thon 2020"
Michaella Henry ’21 on Black Lives Matter on Medium - Black Lives Matter! In the past two weeks we have seen a marked increase of American public interest in the BLM movement, corresponding to the recent killing of black men. Our lab member, Michaella Henry ‘21, who is herself Black, wrote a moving piece titled “Anything While Black: Experiencing America’s Quiet Genocide” on Medium. Her … Continue reading "Michaella Henry ’21 on Black Lives Matter on Medium"
CredLab Work Presented at the 14th ICWSM Conference - Our dataset paper, The Media Coverage of the 2020 US Presidential Election Candidates through the Lens of Google’s Top Stories, was presented by Anna Kawakami ‘21 on the first second day of the ICWSM 2020 conference. Given that the conference was virtual, Anna created a short video presentation. Meanwhile, Prof. Mustafaraj presented some in-progress work … Continue reading "CredLab Work Presented at the 14th ICWSM Conference"
Introducing our Summer 2020 Research Fellows - This summer we cannot be on campus due to the shutdown because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, some members of the lab are still doing research remotely. Junita Sirait ‘22 (who started in the lab in September 2019 as a SERP fellow) is currently in Indonesia. She is building an interactive website for exploring our … Continue reading "Introducing our Summer 2020 Research Fellows"
Two Honor Theses From Our Lab Members - Our seniors, Khonzoda Umarova ‘20 and Annabel Rothschild ‘20, successfully defended their honors theses this week. Umarova wrote her thesis with Prof. Mustafaraj, titled “Where Political News and Algorithms meet: A longitudinal audit of Google’s Top Stories”. Read her thesis in the Wellesley College Digital Repository or in the link here. Rothschild wrote her thesis with … Continue reading "Two Honor Theses From Our Lab Members"
Visit from Catherine D’Ignazio - Catherine D’Ignazio, one of the co-authors of the book Data Feminism, came to visit Wellesley. Catherine first met with some Wellesley faculty to discuss issues at the intersection of data science and feminism. Then, she gave a lecture to a joint session of CS 232 Artificial Intelligence (taught by Prof. Mustafaraj) and PHIL 222 Ethics … Continue reading "Visit from Catherine D’Ignazio"
Visit from Shoshana Zuboff - The book author Shoshana Zuboff, whose book “ The age of surveillance capitalism” was our BOW Book Club choice for Fall 2020 came to campus for a day long visit. Zuboff met with Olin faculty and students for lunch, had tea with Wellesley faculty and students, and then gave a very well attended lecture in the … Continue reading "Visit from Shoshana Zuboff"
FAT 2020 Conference in Barcelona - Prof. Mustafaraj and Emma Lurie ‘19 traveled to Barcelona, Spain to attend the 3rd ACM International Conference on Fairness, Accountability and Transparency, which took place Jan 27-30, 2020. Our paper, “The case for voter-centered audits of search engines during political elections”, was presented by Prof. Mustafaraj. Watch the video of the presentation below
FLAIRS ’19 Presentations -  The paper “Opening up the black box: auditing Google’s Top stories algorithm”, written by Emma Lurie and Prof. Eni Mustafaraj was presented by Lurie at the FLAIRS ’19 conference on Tuesday, May 21, 2019. Emma gave a great presentation and there was a lively discussion with the audience. Also that week on Monday, May 20, … Continue reading "FLAIRS ’19 Presentations"
Visit from Mimi Onuoha - Mimi Onuoha, currently a creative in residence at Olin College, visited Wellesley on 23 April 2019 and gave an outstanding talk, What is Missing is Still There, sponsored by CLCE, Computer Science, Media Arts & Science, Peace & Justice, Philosophy, and Women & Gender Studies. She discusses her art & research work about missing datasets, … Continue reading "Visit from Mimi Onuoha"
Khonzoda Umarova will present at the Wiki Workshop ’19! - Khonzoda Umarova’s paper was accepted for publication at the Wiki Workshop ’19 in San Francisco. She will present it on May 13th. Her paper is titled How Partisanship and Perceived Political Bias Affect Wikipedia Entries of News Sources. Check out more information about her publication here. Nice work, Umarova!
Emma Lurie Recognized as Runner Up in CRA Undergrad Research Awards - Our own Emma Lurie ’19 was recognized by the Computing Research Association (CRA) as a Runner Up for the Undergrad Research Awards. Congratulations, Emma!
Lab members present at Computation + Journalism ’19 - Annabel Rothschild and Emma Lurie presented their paper on the #NOW project at the Computation + Journalism Summit in Miami. Their talk was entitled How the Interplay of Google and Wikipedia Affects Perceptions of Online News Sources (Read the corresponding paper, here). Annabel also wrote a blog post about the experience of presenting at a … Continue reading "Lab members present at Computation + Journalism ’19"
Khonzoda Umarova and Yige Zhu Attend CredCon meeting - Khonzoda Umarova and Yige Zhu participated in CredCon in Austin, TX. Hosted by the Credibility Coalition, CredCon is a technology & ideas hackathon focusing on the tangible impacts that “individuals and organizations can make in the areas of media literacy, addressing misinformation, and communicating credible content to a variety of audiences through different channels”.
Eni Mustafaraj Awarded NSF CAREER Grant -     Eni Mustafaraj received an NSF Career for her project entitled: Signals for evaluating the credibility of web sources and advancing web literacy. The project will “experimentally test the hypothesis that when users are presented with search results that are augmented with signals for evaluating the credibility of web sources, they will strengthen their … Continue reading "Eni Mustafaraj Awarded NSF CAREER Grant"
Emma Lurie Presents at WebSci ’18 - Emma Lurie ’19 presented her paper, Investigating the Effects of Google’s Search Engine Result Page in Evaluating the Credibility of Online News Sources, co-authored with Prof. Eni Mustafaraj, at the ACM WebSci ’18 conference in Amsterdam. Lurie mid-presentation — photo by Martin Klein. Nice work, Emma!