CS Course Dependencies Fall 2024

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cluster_intro Intro Sequence cluster_req230 Electives that require CS 230 cluster200 200-level cluster300 300-level desctop descbot cs230 CS 230 Data Structures legend_top legend_mid legend_bot anysci IntroductoryScience Course cs110 CS 110 Sociotechnical Dimensions of Computing in the Age of AI cs111 CS 111 Programming & Problem Solving cs112 CS 112 Introduction to Computing for the Sciences cs112->anysci math115 Math 115 Applied Calculus I cs112->math115 cs121 CS 121/MAS 121 Intro to Game Design cs200 CS 200 Object-oriented Programming Studio in Java cs200->cs111 cs221 CS 221/MAS 221 Digital Worlds for Gaming any100 cs221->any100 cs204 CS 204 Front-End Web Development cs204->cs111 cs220 CS 220 Human-Computer Interaction cs111or112or110 cs220->cs111or112or110 cs111or112or110->cs110 cs111or112or110->cs111 cs111or112or110->cs112 any100->cs110 any100->cs111 any100->cs112 any100->cs121 cs230->cs111 cs231 CS 231 Fundamental Algorithms cs235->math225 cs235 CS 235 Theory of Computation cs231->math225 cs240 CS 240 Foundations of Computer Systems math225 Math 225 Combinatorics & Graph Theory math205 Math 205 Multivariable Calculus math206 Math 206 Linear Algebra math220 Math 220 Probability cs232 CS 232 Artificial Intelligence cs234 CS 234 Data, Analytics, and Visualization cs242 CS 242 Computer Networks cs244 CS 244 Machine Learning cs251 CS 251 Programming Languages cs304 CS 304 Databases with Web Interfaces math225or206or220 math225or206or220->math225 math225or206or220->math206 math225or206or220->math220 math225or205or206 math225or205or206->math225 math225or205or206->math205 math225or205or206->math206 cs307 CS 307 Computer Graphics cs313 CS 313 Computational Biology cs315 CS 315 Data and Text Mining for the Web cs317 CS 317 Mobile App Development cs230or220 cs230or220->cs220 cs230or220->cs230 cs230or220or221 cs230or220or221->cs221 cs230or220or221->cs220 cs230or220or221->cs230 cs320 CS 320 Tangible User Interfaces cs320->cs230or220 cs321 CS 321 Extended Reality cs321->cs230or220or221 cs323 CS 323 Social Computing cs323->cs230or220 cs325 CS 325 Designing for Accessibility cs331 CS 331 Advanced Algorithms cs331->cs231 cs333 CS 333 Natural Language Processing cs333->math225or206or220 cs334 CS 334 Methods for Ethics of Technology cs340 CS 340 Modeling for Compter Systems cs341 CS 341 Operating Systems cs341->cs240 cs342 CS 342 Computer Security cs342->cs240 cs343 CS 343 Distributed Computing cs343->cs231 cs343->cs242 cs344 CS 344 Deep Learning cs349 CS 349 Probabilistic Foundations of Machine Learning cs349->math225or205or206 cs204or220or320or323 cs204or220or320or323->cs204 cs204or220or320or323->cs220 cs204or220or320or323->cs320 cs204or220or320or323->cs323 cs220or221or320or321 cs220or221or320or321->cs221 cs220or221or320or321->cs220 cs220or221or320or321->cs320 cs220or221or320or321->cs321 cs365 CS 365 Advanced Projects in Playable Media cs365->cs220or221or320or321 cs366 CS 366 Advanced Projects in Interactive Media cs366->cs204or220or320or323 _req230->cs230
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