The Game of Life
by Valerie Runge

Be born, get married, get a job, etc, you know...
by SooBin Kim

Play against the computer, save your game for later, play ready-made games.
by Sarah Shiplet

Conquer the world by forcing your opponents to eat their remaining pieces!
Fluffy Bunnies
by Miquie Bradford

Simulate what happens when you have bunnies who eat your grass.
by Kathy Chen

A version of the GO game, only better and more colorful!
by Christina Pong

Find words in all directions, win major virtual awards!
Muggle World
by Caitlin Sha

CS111 students had it easy because they did not have to play THIS game...
Word Jumble
by Ariana Rizzitano

Find all possible combination of words. Great practice for scrabble!
by Lulu Hu

Like GO only better: Have your favorite berry beat the computer berry!

Chess by Sachi Shah

Chess. Need I say more?


Pedestrian Crossing Simulation by Caroline Boes

Select the density of pedestrians at each of the four corners, and then watch the simulation unfold.

crossing screen shot

Chutes and Portals by Maddie Adams

Answer trivia questions, and then progress on the chutes and portals board.

chutes screen shot

Recipes by Margaret Ligon

A recipe application. You do the cooking.


Music Counterpoint Examiner
by Tanen Clark

Select a sequence of music notes and check the counterpoint


by Christina Chin

The game of SET.


by Lara Helm

Minesweeper with different levels with a timer!


Create your own adventure by Michelle Ferreirae

Create your own road-trip adventure


Stocks Analysis by Gabrielle Goodwin

Stock info plotted over time, with recent news found online.


Gomoko by Jane Wu

The game of Gomoko


Sorting hat by Kelsey Tempel

Which house will you be sorted into??

sorting hat

Boston event guide by Kristian Tran

Looking for something to do this weekend?

weekend planner

Karaoke by Lalita Choe

Select your song by artist or genre, and see where you are in the queue. Then, sing your heart out along with the video.

 screen shot

Personal Library by Samantha Finn

Keep track of the books you've read or purchased and the most popular authors. Also allows for combining libraries.

 screen shot

Pyramid by Lucy Archer

Play the pyramid card game.

 screen shot