How to Turn in Assignments

Updated: 9/26/14

We need both a soft copy and a hard copy of your homework code.

When collaborating for a homework, at least one student must submit an electronic copy in their appropriate folder, but it is preferable if both students do. Please submit only one hard copy.

The soft copy (electronic version)

Upload only one zip file for each assignment (as opposed to multiple files) to her cs account! The .zip file should be named with the names of both partners, and the assignment number, like:

In your personal cs account there is already a directory called public_html which corresponds to the part of your account that is accessible and visible on the web using a Web browser.

It is preferable if both collaborating students submit a soft copy.

Inside public_html, there is another directory called cs230-assignments that contains 13 sub-directories accessible via password protection only to you and to your instructors. Please take a look in the cs230-assignments directory to verify that it contains nine directories namedps01 tops09, three sub-directories namedexam1, exam2,exam3, and a directory namedfinal_project.

You will use these sub-directories to place the files that you are submitting for grading. (We will not be needing all of them, but you should make sure you have placed your files in the appropriately named directory once you are ready to submit.)

In order to place files in these directories you should use a file transfer program, such as the Fetch program on the Macs, or scp/sftp on the Linux/Unix machines. Typically, the files you submit will include:

  • a cover sheet,
  • the source code files (ending in .java),
  • the executable files (ending in .class) and
  • the testing transcript.

Before uploading your files to the cs server, you need to compress all of them into one file (.zip file). Upload only one zip file for each assignment. (To compress a folder, on a Mac, just right-click on the folder and choose "Compress" in the pop up menu).

After the deadline of each assignment you are not allowed to edit the files you submitted, unless you get explicit email permission by your instructors.

Your cover sheet

Submit a cover sheet (click here for a sample) on top of your printed code. In it, please list any known bugs or flaws in your program(s).

Your typescript

To demonstrate that you have tested the program, you must include
with each assignment, a sample run of your program.

In DrJava, you can copy and save the Interactions or the Console screen contents in a file, which you can upload in your submission folder.

The hard copy (paper version)

Please bring a printout of your cover sheet and your java source code to lecture on the day the assignment is due. (You should not bring a hard copy of the testing transcript, as it will be simply a waste of paper. We will examine the transcript online. And do not even think of printing the executables.) Staple all your pages together in one packet. Make sure your code is properly commented.

Again, only one hard copy per pair of collaborators is needed.

How to print your hardcopies

You could use the printing facilities of your Mac or PC to print your code files. Just make sure it prints well and you pay attention to the name of the printer it prints to.

Do not submit a paper copy of your testing transcript.