CS 240 Computing Environments

  • CS Linux machines are available in the SCI microfocus lab and SCI 173.
  • The wx appliance is a self-contained GNU/Linux environment for your computer.

We support two computing environments for CS 240. Unlike your earlier CS courses, CS 240 is a low-level systems course where the low-level system details matter. It is difficult, error-prone, or impossible to complete CS 240 assignments elsewhere1 (e.g., on Mac or Windows). We do not support environments other than ours. Do not waste time trying to use a different environment.

General Tools

C and x86

  1. If you already use Linux on your personal computer, I am happy to share the list of tools we need or point you to our RPM package repository, but I will not have time to help you figure out how those map to packages on Linux distributions other than Fedora.