ex Use performance impact to reveal cache dimensions.

1. Paper Cache

Prepare and submit your own individual paper solutions to the following problems from the CSAPP (2nd edition) textbook, either typed or neatly handwritten. Drop them at Ben’s office (under the door if no one is home). A copy of the text (large dark paperback) is available in the microfocus.

When labeling bits with offset, index, and tag, you may use alternative notations for indicating which bits are associated with each piece (e.g., offset = bits 0-19, index = bits 20-21, tag = bits 22-31 or ttttttttttiioooooooooooooooooooo) instead of drawing a picture.

Practice Problems 6.13 - 6.21 are great practice. (Do not submit solutions to the practice problems. You can find their solutions at the end of the chapter.)

Submit solutions for these problems:

  1. Homework Problem 6.27.
  2. Homework Problem 6.30.
  3. Homework Problem 6.35.
  4. Homework Problem 6.37.

2. Automatic Cache Sleuth

Complete the Cache Sleuth from lab this week with your lab partner. Commit and push your work to your partner-shared repository.