ex Use performance impact to reveal cache dimensions.

  • Assign: Monday, 10 April
  • Due: 11:59pm Tuesday, 18 April
  • Collaboration: Individual (#1) and Pair (#2) ex assignment policy, as defined by the syllabus and honor code.
  • Starter Code: (Need help?)
    1. If partnered: Designate one partner as the owner and grant the other partner write permission on the owner's cs240-cache-owner repository on Bitbucket.
    2. Everyone: hg clone ssh://hg@bitbucket.org/cs240codetub/cs240-cache-owner
    3. If partnered: In your repository working directory, run ./partner.py to record your partner's Bitbucket username.
  • Submit: Commit and push your final revision and double check. (Need help?)
  • Relevant Reference:

1. Paper Cache

Please download, print (2-sided), and write your answers on this standard sheet to help us grade and provide feedback to you faster.

Prepare and submit your own individual paper solutions to the following problems from the CSAPP (3rd edition) textbook. A copy of the text is available in the microfocus.

Practice Problems 6.13 - 6.21 are great practice. (Do not submit solutions to the practice problems. You can find their solutions at the end of the chapter.)

Submit solutions for the following problems:

  1. Homework Problem 6.26.
  2. Homework Problem 6.29. (Note the book may show bits 0-12, which is an error – there are only bits 0-11.)
  3. Homework Problem 6.34.
  4. Homework Problem 6.36.

2. Automatic Cache Sleuth

Complete the Cache Sleuth from lab this week with your lab partner. Commit and push your work to your partner-shared repository.