Introduce yourself and dissect a computer.

Assignment Manifest

Each CS 240 assignment starts with an assignment manifest describing due dates, the honor code policy for collaboration and submissions, how to find starter code (if any), how to submit your work, and a list of topics that are good reference.

(Orange boxes mark key information or warnings.)



Complete the reading associated with the first class. Remember, a couple copies of CSAPP are available for use in the SCI microfocus lab.

CS Account

If you have not taken a Wellesley CS course before, please complete the relevant form to request a Wellesley CS account:


The corner of each CS 240 page contains buttons that jump to:

  • the top of the page
  • the table of contents, if any
  • the bottom of the page

(Blue boxes mark optional asides.)

After you have read the syllabus, visit your class instructor individually or in a small group during office hours or an appointment within a week of the first course meeting. This visit is intended as a first chance for Ben and Andy to get to know you (and your name/pronouns), to answer questions you may have about course mechanics, and to help you feel welcome and comfortable visiting office hours or making an appointment for any reason in the future. (You will get acquainted one-on-one during lab with Jean, your lab instructor, but feel free to visit earlier.)

Let’s be sure to talk about:

  1. Your name and pronouns. Here are ours:
    • Your instructors prefer to go by first name: “Ben” (he/him/his), “Andy” (he/him/his), “Jean” (she/her/hers).
    • “Professor…” also works if that is more comfortable for you.
  2. CS courses you have taken, are taking, or hope to take in the future.
  3. Excitement, concerns, or questions about this course.
  4. Something non-academic about you that is unlikely to be true about any of your CS 240 classmates.


This assignment is required, but not graded.