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Robotic Design Studio is a Wintersession course in which you will learn how to design, assemble, and program robots made out of LEGO parts, sensors, motors, and miniature computers. The course culminates in a robot talent show where you exhibit your creations to the Wellesley College community. These projects tie together aspects of a surprisingly wide range of disciplines, including computer science, physics, math, biology, psychology, engineering, and art. Please see the Robotic Design Studio home page for more information, including pictures and descriptions of projects from previous years.

There are no prerequisites -- the course is open to all students and attracts participants from a broad range of departments. In order to encourage cross-disciplinary exchange, we encourage students to work in groups of students whose members represent different departments and backgrounds.

Robotic Design Studio is offered for 0.5 units of credit. The course counts toward the Natural and Physical Sciences distribution requirement. The course is officially listed in the course catalog as Computer Science 115/ Physics 115 -- you decide whether you want it to count as a Computer Science course or a Physics course.

The course meets in room SCI 261 from 1pm to 5pm, Tuesday through Friday, throughout WinterSession (Wednesday, January 3 -- Wednesday, January 24). Students are expected to attend all classes. This represents a hefty time commitment, but you will learn a lot and have loads of fun (just ask students from previous years!).

Course Registration

Interested students should have registered for CS115/PHYS115 with the registrar as part of their Wintersession '07 registration (held at the same time as the Spring '07 registration). Because of limited resources, the size of the class is limited. The high level of interest in the course means that there is often a long waiting list for the course. However, students' plans for Wintersession often change, so we have often been able to accept many students from the waiting list into the course.

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