Venbrace Syntax Study

Venbrace is a text-based version of the blocks-based MIT App Inventor programming language being developed by Qianqian Huang, a graduating Wellesley College senior (class of 2020), who started this project as part of her senior Honors Thesis. This project is being supervised by Wellesley CS professor Lyn Turbak, who works closely with the App Inventor development team at MIT.

To evaluate and improve Venbrace, we have created an online study to test the learnability and usability of Venbrace. Students familiar with App Inventor can help us accomplish our goal by participating in this online study. We estimate that this study will take 90 minutes of focused attention to complete. If you successfully complete this study, we will show our gratitude by emailing you a $20 electronic Amazon gift card.

Click here for more about Venbrace and the user study.

Round 2 of this online study will be conducted from Fri. June 26 through Fri. July 3. (This is much later than the early June time frame we originally predicted. Improvements to the language and study based on the first round took longer than anticipated.) Subjects can take the study during any 24-hour period during this week.

We are planning a Round 3 version of the study that will start around July 15. You can participate in at most one round of the study.

If you're interested in participating in this study, please fill out this Google form and we'll email you about how to start the study when it is ready. and we'll email you about how to start the study when it is ready.

If you have any questions about the study, email us at
To protect your privacy, please (1) email us from the same email account you use to sign in to App Inventor and (2) do *not* tell us your name.