Gallery of Projects

CS112: Sample Final Projects

Guess the language game
Monique Montoute and Karen Moorthi 2018

Note: Make sure your volume is turned up to hear the audio language clips.

Harry Potter: Sorting Hat + Adventure game
Marie Zhang '21 and Fiona Ng '18

Note: This project had two different parts: 1) a sorting hat quiz (partially shown) and 2) a choose-your-own-adventure story (starts around 0:20).

Relativity (Lynn Geiger '13)

Wellesley Softball Scouting Report (Rachel Harris '14)


Learning about Orchestras (Ashley Funk '16 & Maymay Liu '15)


Oscillations (Carina Belvin '16 & Catherine Ho '16)


Flappy Birds (Juliette Chevallier '14)


Chromatic Number (YuShan Dai '13)


Brick Breaker (Nritya Kamath '13)


Wetlands (Jen Errington '11)


Cournot & Stackelberg Economic Models (Yasmine Devi-Chou '12)


Stroop Effect (Sarah Seigel '11)

Contaminant (Stephanie Lau '11)


Neuro Quiz (Preeti Viswanathan '14)

City Confidential (Mika Maeda '14 & Sarah Mejia '14)


Economic Data Visualization (Lily Zhou '11)

Going with the Flow (Nour Azzouz '15 & Selina Sotomayor '16)


Face Symmetry (Yrianna Germosen '13)


Economics: Ricardian Model (Jenny Poon '11)

Viewing Eye-Tracking Experimental Data (Sarah Koopman '11)


Psychology: Face Recognition (Tiffany Ho '10)

Once Upon a Time (Jessica Kelemen '16 & Lynn Hsu '15)


Biology: Tracking Species Across Depth and Location (Harriet Alexander '10)

Macroeconomic and Financial Condition Analysis (Leslie Shen '10)

Geosciences: Ice Rafting (Clara Wilder '11)

Determining Insurance Costs (Rifaiyat Mahbub '12)

Psychology: Tongue Twister Experiment (Simone Dufresne '12)

Hodgkin-Huxley / Integrate and Fire Neuron Models (Lily Zhang '12)

Art History: Identifying Artists and Paintings (Christina Nava '13)


Mathematics: Cryptography (Serena Zhan '11)


Viewing Historical Census Data (Jessica Woo '10)

German Vocabulary Quiz (Clara Buchholtz '12)

Neuroscience: Viewing Single Cell Brain Data (Marken Shedd '11)

Economics: IS/LM/BP Model (Eweline Oleszek '10)

Molecular Orbital Theory (Thanh Thu Ngo '10)


The Snake Game (Abigail Perry '06)


Paper Airplane Simulation (Sharon Kotz '08)