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Project Title:
Fraternity 101 - A First-Year's Guide to MIT's Party Scene

Created by:
Lauren Knight '03 & Emily Flitter '04
Spring 2003

Objective & Goals of Project:
The CD is a light-hearted orientation to MIT fraternity life for Wellesley first-years. When Wellesley first-years arrive at Wellesley, they are bombarded with information and guidelines about how to survive their first fraternity party. This CD will use games and puzzles to teach novice partygoers the secrets to not only surviving a fraternity party, but having a great time as well.

Goal of this Game:
In this game, the user has to maintain her personal space by avoiding fraternity brothers, spilled beers, bad dancers, darts, and ping-pong paddles. These obstacles will be fly towards a girl dressed in party gear and the user has to use their arrow keys to direct the girl so that she avoids all of the obstacles. The user is given a specific amount of time to play the game and there is a results page afterwards to report success or react to a collision with one of the items. PRESS START TO BEGIN.