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Artificial Intelligence, your brain, and other things you cannot trust about politics

6 Reasons "Fake News" is the end of the world as we know it, CRCS, Harvard University.

Informed Users of Digital and Social Media: Is Education the solution to "fake news" epidemic?

Symi 2017 Symposium: Cyber challenges for Peace, Democracy, Communication

Propaganda, Misinformation, "Fake News", and what to do about it

Talks on Technology of Science, IQSS, Harvard University.

Manipulation of social media -- Podcast Interview by Sarah Crespi

SCIENCE magazine podcast

Twitter Trails: A System for monitoring the Propagation of Rumors

Computation and Journalism 2014 Symposium, Columbia University

Narcotweets: Reporting on the Mexican Drug War

Berkman Center, Harvard University

Recognizing Network Manipulation

Center of Research for Computation and Society, Harvard University

Checking rumors with TwitterTrails

RJI Futures Lab update #111: Checking rumors with TwitterTrails and scraping Web data

Web Science: Understanding the Web

Wellesley Science Seminar

How the Social Web Works (& Why You Should Care)

The MK Albright Institute for Global Affairs

Power, People and Social Media

London Calling event (YouTube)

What Wellesley is Reading: Blown to Bits

Wellesley IS initiative (iTunes)

Three Social Theorems

Berkman "truthicon" Conference

Troll, bots, Trump, "fake news"

Interview (in Greek, YouTube)