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Welcome to the home page of the Pig Race. We have developed an interactive game of racing pigs for CS/PHYS 115: Robotic Design, a 2004 wintersession course at Wellesley College. Pig Race was premiered at the science center Sage lounge on January 26, 2004 for the 8th annual Robotics Exhibition. It delighted many visitors, including young children and established faculty members.



At the first brainstorming session, we decided to engage in a project in which the audience plays an important role. This initial goal led us to develop an idea similar to carnival games. Pig Race evolved from the classic game of Skee-Ball and racing cars. We decided not to race cars because we wanted the game to attract a wider variety of audience. Cartoon pigs were chosen as racers because they were endearing and amusing. We also finalized the idea because we believed that it was feasible to create using the sensors and other materials available in class.


Gowun Kim '06, Ji Lim '06
Robotic Design W'04