Blocks and Beyond 2
2nd Workshop on Lessons and Directions for First Programming Environments
A VL/HCC 2017 workshop in Raleigh, NC, USA, Oct. 10, 2017
The sequel to the 1st Blocks and Beyond Workshop (Oct, 2015)

2017 Blocks & Beyond Workshop Program

This full-day workshop will be on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at the Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh, NC.

Note: Because it is rare for so many members of the blocks programming community to be in one place, we have also planned some informal gatherings and meetups at meal times.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Franklyn Turbak.

Monday, October 09
Informal Discussions (Marbles Museum, Zanzibar Room)

Those who arrive in town early are encouraged to meet up and discuss blocks-related topics. This is an informal session; come and go as you please. Use this Doc to coordinate.

Informal Dinner Groups and Post-Dinner Discussions

Many workshop attendees are interested in joining dinner groups. Use the Blocks and Beyond Coordination Doc to form dinner/discussion groups and tell other folks where you are.

Tuesday, October 10

The main workshop activites will take place in the Zanzibar Room at the Marbles Museum.

The workshop format and schedule is designed to encourage discussion amongst the attendees:

Note: The PDF links require an HTTP username/password. This has been emailed to all workshop registrations, authors, and PC members.

Registration (continues throughout day)
Welcome from the Organizers
Talk Session 1: Visual Language Design (Session Chair: Mark Sherman)
Blocks Playground 1: Demos and Posters
Talk Session 2: Blocks in New Domains (Session Chair: Ralph Morelli)
Talk Session 3: New Features in Blocks Environments (Session Chair: Caitlin Kelleher)
Box lunches at Museum
Talk Session 4: Educational Aspects of Blocks (Session Chair: Amon Millner)
Blocks Playground 2: Demos and Posters
Group Photo
Invited Panel: The Future of Blocks Programming (Moderator: Jeff Gray)
Caitlin Kelleher · Washington University in St. Louis, USA · Looking Glass
John Maloney · HARC/YCR, USA · GP
Paul Medlock-Walton · MIT, USA · GameBlox
Evan Patton · MIT, USA · App Inventor
Daniel Wendel · MIT (Scheller Teacher Education Program), USA · StarLogo Nova
Closing remarks
Informal Dinner Groups and Post-Dinner Discussions

Continue discussions from the workshop going over dinner and after! Use the Blocks and Beyond Coordination Doc to form dinner/discussion groups and tell other folks where you are.

Wednesday, October 11

Conversations will continue on this day among some participants. Use this Doc to coordinate.

Note that the main VL/HCC conference starts this day with a 9am keynote by Ben Shapiro