Global analysis of small RNA and mRNA targets of Hfq

Molecular Microbiology, 50(4):1111-1124, 2003.

A. Zhang, K.M. Wassarman, C. Rosenow, B. Tjaden, G. Storz, and S. Gottesman

Data Analysis

   Explanation of data

Detected Transcripts Control subtracted corrrection
  • Threshold: 200
Transcripts    Corrected Transcripts
  • Threshold: 1000
Transcripts    Corrected Transcripts
  • Threshold: 5000
Transcripts    Corrected Transcripts
  • Threshold: 10000
Transcripts    Corrected Transcripts

Raw Data

   Experiment Information

  • Experiment E1:
E1 CEL file E1 control CEL file
  • Experiment E2:
E2 CEL file E2 control CEL file
  • Experiment S1:
S1 CEL file S1 control CEL file
  • Experiment S2:
S2 CEL file S2 control CEL file
  • Experiment M:
M CEL file M control CEL file