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Sci E104

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Mondays 3 to 5
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Catherine Grevet Delcourt

I am an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Wellesley College. I am also affiliated with the Media Arts and Sciences Program and the Wellesley Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Lab.

My research interests are in Human-Computer Interaction and Social Computing. In a nutshell, I study the Internet and the social implications of our increasing dependence on it. My research projects have focused on civility in online conversations, polarization and homophily, identity representation, and other less related but equally fun projects.

I also enjoy building systems and developing new research methodologies for social systems research. My paper on Piggyback Prototyping is a good example of this and received an honorable mention at CHI.

In Fall 2017, I'm teaching CS115 The Socio-Technical Web.

I received my M.S. and Ph.D. from Georgia Tech in Computer Science in the school of Interactive Computing. I obtained my B.A. in Computer Science at Wellesley College. My industry gigs include Yik Yak, Google, and Apple.