Wellesley College, Spring 2004

CS251: Programming Languages

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Professor: Franklyn Turbak (Please call me "Lyn")
Office: SCI E126
Phone: (781) 283-3049
Email: fturbak@wellesley.edu
Web: http://cs.wellesley.edu/~fturbak
Lectures: MWR 9:50--11am in SCI E111
Office Hours:
Mon. 11am-12:30pm; Tue: 7-9pm;
Wed. 4-6pm; Fri: 11am-1:30pm
First Class: CS251-S04 Announcements, CS251-S04 Q&A
Drop-in Tutor: Jue Wang, 7-9pm in the micro-focus

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  • #38 CS251 Jeopardy
  • #39 Final Exam Review Problems
  • #40 Final Exam Review Solutions
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