CS 234 - Fall 2017

Childhood is a time of exploration, curiosity, and fearlessness. When we start learning something new, we need to become like children again.

CS 234 Data, Analytics, and Visualization

Course Description (from the Course Browser): As the number of our digital traces continues to grow, so does the opportunity for discovering meaningful patterns in these traces. In this course, students will initially learn how to collect, clean, format, and store data from digital platforms. By adopting a computational approach to statistical analysis, students will then implement in code different statistical metrics and simulation scenarios for hypothesis testing and estimation. Finally, students will generate meaningful visualizations for data exploration and communicating results. Additionally, we will discuss the ethics of data collection and think critically about current practices of experimenting with online users. Students will work in groups to create their own datasets, ask an interesting question, perform statistical analyses and visualizations, and report the results.

This course meets twice a week: Tue & Fri at 1:30-2:40.



Eni Mustafaraj

Teaching Assistants

Anne Schwartz and Clara Sorensen

Office Hours

Mon/Thu 1:30-2:30 and Tue/Fri 5:30-7:00.
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Help Room Hours

Sunday and Monday: 7-10pm in S160A.


SCI E211

Teaching Staff

Summer Research Program at Wellesley College (2016): Clara Sorensen '18, Eni Mustafaraj,
Anne Schwartz '18.

Clara and Anne took this class during its first offering as topic course CS 249 in Spring '16. They did summer research with me during Summer '16 (and wrote a paper that was published in an international conference), and has been members of my research lab during 2016-17 and 2017-18. Finally, they are also veteran members of the mighty Whiptails. I couldn't be more happy to have them help me with the course this semester.