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Online Manipulation of U.S. Elections

Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

Propaganda, Misinformation, "Fake News", and what to do about it

Centre for Technology and Global Affairs, Wolfson College, University of Oxford.

Artificial Intelligence, your brain, and other things you cannot trust about politics

6 Reasons "Fake News" is the end of the world as we know it, CRCS, Harvard University.

Informed Users of Digital and Social Media: Is Education the solution to "fake news" epidemic?

Symi 2017 Symposium: Cyber challenges for Peace, Democracy, Communication

Manipulation of social media -- Podcast Interview by Sarah Crespi

SCIENCE magazine podcast

Narcotweets: Reporting on the Mexican Drug War

Berkman Center, Harvard University

Twitter Trails: A System for monitoring the Propagation of Rumors

Computation and Journalism 2014 Symposium, Columbia University

Propaganda, Misinformation, "Fake News", and what to do about it

Talks on Technology of Science, IQSS, Harvard University.

Recognizing Network Manipulation

Center of Research for Computation and Society, Harvard University

Checking rumors with TwitterTrails

RJI Futures Lab update #111: Checking rumors with TwitterTrails and scraping Web data

Web Science: Understanding the Web

Wellesley Science Seminar

How the Social Web Works (& Why You Should Care)

The MK Albright Institute for Global Affairs

Power, People and Social Media

London Calling event (YouTube)

What Wellesley is Reading: Blown to Bits

Wellesley IS initiative (iTunes)

Three Social Theorems

Berkman "truthicon" Conference

Troll, bots, Trump, "fake news"

Interview (in Greek, YouTube)