Esther loves ice cream and she likes to eat it when it's snowing outside. She used to be a chocolate addict but she decided to switch over to ice cream. Esther works very diligently in the morning but she is a dead meat past her bed times. Despite her weaknesses, she bravely survived through couple of forced all-nighters. She is a Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences major and she is planning to elope and hitchhike sometime in the future. Esther is a gifted person who can eat three bowls of rice and not gain a pound. She is also an amazing writer and a grammar freak. Make sure you proof read your letter before you send it to her. Anyways, I really enjoyed working with Esther and I am glad to have her as a friend. She is defintely an odd ball but a good one.

P.S. She lost her glasses on the last day. If you find her glasses, please return them to her. She will cook some yummy food for you in return.