GLAZUNOV: Introduction


Robotic Design Studio (CS 115/PHYS 115) is a wintersession course taught by Franklyn Turbak and Robert Berg at Wellesley College.

Yuna Kim and Esther Chung are two half-starved college students taking the course over wintersession of 2005. Yuna took the course to add to her major credits; Esther took it to play with LEGOs.

Our machine, dubbed "Glazunov" after the Russian composer, reads and plays musical notes.

Getting Glazunov to function certainly took a bit of experimentation, often stranding us to host a two-person party in the lab 'til all hours of the night.

Last but not least, we'd like to thank Lyn and Robbie for the many roles they took on during the past few weeks: teachers, CS gurus, superheroes, and providers of excellent snacks. Thank you for a fun-filled January despite the crazy amount of snow.