Lab activities during scheduled Tuesday/Friday class meeting.

Tiny Compiler: Front End

← Tuesday, 26 January

Tiny Compiler: Back End

← Friday, 29 January - Tuesday, 2 February

  • Description: tiny-back.pdf
  • Code:
    1. Download cs301-tiny2.tar.gz or

      Use Mercurial: - hg commit – commit any of your changes. Skip if none. - hg pull ssh:// – get the latest updates - If you made changes: - hg merge – merge my changes and your changes - hg commit – commit the merged version - else: - hg update

    2. In Scala IDE: File > New > Scala Project. Type in the name tiny2 and finish. This provides all of the front end. You can also copy in your front end code.

NFA simulator

← Friday, 5 February