CS321 : Extended Reality

Spring 2024
Instructor: Jordan Tynes


Welcome to CS 321

Each type of engagement is described directly below. Details about each day will be updated frequently.

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    In-Person Meetings:
    Please note annoucements regarding meeting location, as it will alternate between two locations. Please show up a few minutes prior to the start of class (see note about grading/evaluation) and be ready to engage in discussion. Reading and viewing materials may will be linked from the schedule below.
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    Unity Projects:
    You will learn to use various aspects of the Unity Game Engine throughout the term. Technical instruction will be provided during class and, unless otherwise noted, this portion of the course will be recorded and shared for your reference. Attendance is still required so you may fully leverage lab resources.
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    Critical Analysis:

    You will be required to assess various virtual reality experiences and apply concepts learned through lecture, discussion, writing, and readings to build upon our collective understanding of immersive technologies.

    You will be required to present your research during class and in the form of written essay.


Subject to Changes!

Week 1:

Mon. Jan. 22
Welcome to CS321
"The Ultimate Display"
Assigned Reading:

Bailenson: Ch. 2

Thur. Jan. 25
VR Demo Playground
Assigned Reading:

Riggs pgs. 1 - 56

Week 2:

Mon. Jan. 29
Intro to Unity
Tech Link:

Intro to VR in Unity

Thur. Feb. 1
Intro to Probuilder and 3D
Tech Link:

Probuilder, Terrain, Materials

Week 3:

Mon. Feb. 5
Standard Interaction
Tech Link:

Chair Demo

Thur. Feb. 8
Part 1 Demo & Framing the Experience
Assigned Reading:

Riggs: pgs. 57 - 96

Week 4:

Mon. Feb. 12
Materials, Audio, Text
Tech Link:

Audio, Text, and Particle Systems

Thur. Feb. 15
Animation, Modalities
Tech Link:

Elevator Anims, Hover Events, Modalities

Week 5:

Tue. Feb. 20
Researching Immersive Tech
Assigned Reading:

Bailenson: pgs. 76 - 92

Thur. Feb. 22
Part 2 Demo & Creating Meaningful Mechanics
Assigned Reading:

Corning Museum VR

Tech Link:

Unity Events and Custom Functions

Week 6:

Mon. Feb. 26
Button Mapping
Assigned Reading:

3D Interfaces: Ch. 7

Tech Link:


Thur. Feb. 29
Research Paper Topic Proposal Due 
Sensation of Presence
Assigned Reading:

Riggs: pgs. 98 - 134

Week 7:

Mon. Mar. 4
Tech Link:


Thur. Mar. 7
Physical Interactiveity & Avoiding UI
Tech Link:


Week 8:

Mon. Mar. 11
Build & Final Lab
Tech Link:


Thur. Mar. 14
Part 3 Demo
Assigned Reading:

Bailenson: Ch. 10

Week 9:

Mon. Mar. 25
Storyplexing and Ideation
Thur. Mar. 28
Bring Storyplex Documents to class
Immersive Narrative
Assigned Reading:


Week 10:

Mon. Apr. 1
Assigned Reading:

Riggs: pgs. 136 - 182

Tech Link:
Thur. Apr. 4
Grayboxing Due
Raycasting Pt.2
Assigned Reading:

Bailenson: pgs. 228 - 246

Tech Link:


Week 11:

Mon. Apr. 8
The Storyplexing Mindset:
Tools for Development & Integrating Accessible Design
Assigned Reading:

Bailenson: pgs. 92 - 107

Thur. Apr. 11
No Class
Enjoy Ruhlman!

Week 12:

Mon. Apr. 15
No Class

Enjoy Marathon Monday!

Thur. Apr. 18
Research Paper Draft Due 
No Class 
Lighting & Effects
Tech Link:
Misc Lighting & Effects

Week 13:

Mon. Apr. 22
Prototype Demonstrations & Feedback
Assigned Reading:

Riggs: pgs. 183 - 210

Thur. Apr. 25
Final Lab and Tech Misc
Tech Link


Week 14:

Mon. Apr. 29
Final Demos
Fri. May 3
Playable Media Open House