UbiQomix: Human-Computer Interaction for Personal Omics


Orit Shaer (Wellesley), Oded Nov (NYU), Mad Ball (Open Humans), Jennifer Otiono (Wellesley), Angela Qian (Wellesley), Ayanna Seals (NYU), Monsurat Olaosebikan (Tufts), Lauren Westendorf (Wellesley), Christina Pollalis (Wellesley), Clarissa Verish (Wellesley)

Project Brief:

Questions about how people make sense of and engage with their personal omic information including their personal genomics and microbiome data, and how comfortable they feel about sharing such information in order to advance scientific and biomedical research, are not only of paramount importance for society and policy makers, but also a pressing issue for HCI researchers. Funded by the National Science Foundation, and in collaboration with Open Humans, we investigate how to design effective interaction techniques to empower nonexpert users to engage with and make sense of their personal omic information. We also explore how user interface design interventions in online consent forms can support informed decision and enable participants of biomedical research to make decisions that are right for them.

UbiQomix on Open Humans



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