With my students of CS 249 Data, Analytics, and Visualization (Spring '16), who presented at the Ruhlman '16 conference. From left to right: Eni Mustafaraj, Kate Kenneally '18, Nina-Marie Amadeo '18, Whitney Fahnbulleh '17, Anne Schwartz '18, Mary-Ruth Ngo '17, Clara Sorensen '18, Maja Svanberg '18, Jackie Hom '18. Partially in the photo: Christina Pollalis '16 and Meredith McCormak-Mager '16.
Photo credit: Violet Luo '16.


Current and Past Students

I work with students in various settings: summer reesarch, SERP (sophomore early research program), indepedent studies, projects with other colleagues, and in my research lab during the academic year.

  • 2017-2018: Emma Lurie '19, Khonzoda Umarova '20, Jess Abramson '19, Isabelle Lee '20, Ethan Chiu (WHS), Ana Fernandez '20 (SERP), Emily Wang '20 (SERP), Anne Schwartz '18, Clara Sorensen '18, Riley Rettig '20.
  • 2016-2017: Anne Schwartz '18, Clara Sorensen '18, Andrea Jackson '18, Adriana Tan '19 (SERP), Claire Beyette '19 (SERP), Ethan Chiu (WHS), Khonzoda Umarova '20, Ella Chao '18, Belize Inamahoro '19, Eliza McNair '18, Mary-Ruth Ngo '17, Maja Svangerg '18, Kate Kenneally '18.
  • 2015-2016: Ella Chao '18, Amanda Foun '18, Diana Tosca '18, Whitney Fahnbulleh '17, Katherine Kjeer '16 (honors thesis), NRS Sayed '18 (SERP), Priscilla Lee '18.
  • 2014-2015: Misha Olynyk '16, Megan Chen '17, Jessica Bu '17 (SERP), Sunnia Ye '17, Meltem Ozcan '17, Lucy Shen '17.


If you are a Wellesley College student interested in doing research with me please drop me a line. Alternatively, you can stop by during office hours; book a slot in my calendar. Students of all years and all majors are welcome. Some of my research projects don't need programming skills, thus, previous exposure to programming or CS courses is not required.