Spring 2011, final project
iPhone Applications for the Wellesley Community

Heidi Wang '12
Yun Chi '13

WTH is an application for exploring the Wellesley Campus. It is designed to engage users in a fun playful discovery of special places on campus.
Kelsey Tempel '13
Annie Wang '12
Ashley Riccardi '13
Peter Pan is an application for tracking Wellesley College buses. It enables users to access real-time information regarding about next bus, seats available, things to do while waiting, and lost and found items.
Christina Chin '11
Lorraine Shim '11
Amanda Pollak '12

WFinder enable users to find out information about people, places and things (other resources) on campus easily while on the go.
Margaret Ligon '13
Taili Feng '13
Katherine Obermeyer'14

WellesleyWeb is an application for accessing essential Wellesley College's information quickly and easily while on the go.




Spring 2010, final project
iPhone Applications for the Wellesley Community

Consuelo Valdes '11
Maddie Adams '12
Cidney Hamilton Davis

Foodie Rescue enhances the usage of dining halls by providing students and faculty with customized experience. The application allows users to meet their social, health, and dietary need, and facilitates the communication between community members and the dining service.
Rebecca Spitzer '10
Colette Whitaker '10
Laura Weyl '10

WScene is an integrated calendar system that organizes a list of campus events. The application allows users to browse events by popularity, category, time, and location. Users can find out what is currently happening on campus or check the time or location of an event on the go.
Michelle Ferreirae '13
Lauren Cahillane '12
Aliso Brace '12

Freya is an application for the Wellesley College's Botanical Gardens. The Application provides custoized tours, a map, and information about planrs.


Spring 2009, final project
Reinventing the Honda in-car Infotainment System
(in collaboration with Honda R&D)

Lili Shi '10
Lulu Hu '11
Liz Peirce '09
Alison McKenna '11,
Megan K. Strait '10,
Geetha Wunnava '10
Christina Hamada '09
Ariel Hathaway '09
Emmy Zhang '10
Sarah Elfenbein '10
Catherine Grevet '09
Soo Been Kim '10
MaCherie Edwards '10
May Chen
Paola Boettner '09
Serena Wales '09
Lia Napolitano '10
Krista Williams
Maia Bittner (Olin)