A Collaborative Environment for Engaging Novices in Scientific Inquiry

Consuelo Valdes, Michelle Ferreirae, Taili Feng, Heidi Wang, Kelsey Tempel, Sirui Liu, Orit Shaer

C. Valdes, M. Ferreirae, T. Feng, H. Wang, K. Tempel, S. Liu, O. Shaer, A Collaborative Environment for Engaging Novices in Scientific Inquiry, Proc. ACM ITS 2012.

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Project Brief:
GreenTouch is a collaborative environment that enables novice users to engage in authentic scientific inquiry. GreenTouch consists of a mobile user interface for capturing data in the field, a web application for data curation in the cloud, and a tabletop interface for exploratory analysis of heterogeneous data. This project contributes: 1) the design, implementation, and validation of a collaborative environment which allows novices to engage in scientific data capture, curation, and analysis; 2) empirical evidence for the feasibility and value of integrating interactive surfaces in college-level education based on an in situ study with 54 undergraduate students; and 3) insights collected through iterative design, providing concrete lessons and guidelines for designing multi-touch interfaces for collaborative inquiry of complex domains.


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