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Mobile Office: A multi-interface in-vehicle environment for the support of work-related and wellbeing tasks

UbiQomix: Human-Computer Interaction for Personal Omics

BacToMars: Creative Engagement with Bio-Design for Children

CRISPEE: Creative Engagement with Bio-Design for Children

holoSTEAM: Exploring Engagement with Holograms

Beyond the Screen: Envisioning Mundane Objects with Actuation and Transformation

MultiDevice Environments: Studying Group Collaboration in Multi-Device Environments

Synbiosis: Advancing Innovation in Bio-Design through Reality Based Interaction

G-nome Surfer: Enhancing Scientific Discovery through Reality-Based Interaction

Phylo-Genie: Teaching "Tree-Thinking" through Tabletop Interaction

Green Touch: A Collaborative Environment for Engaging Novices in Scientific Inquiry

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