Orit Shaer | Department of Computer Science

Orit Shaer is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and co-director of the Media Arts and Sciences Program at Wellesley College. She found and directs the Wellesley College Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Lab. Her research focuses on next generation user interfaces including virtual and augmented reality, tangible, gestural, tactile, and multi touch interaction. She teaches Computing for the Socio-Techno Web, Human-Computer Interaction, Tangible User Interfaces, and core computer science courses.

Catherine (Grevet) Delcourt | Department of Computer Science

Catherine is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Wellesley College. Her research is in the areas of Human-Computer Interaction and Social Computing. She is broadly interested in the role of social media in strengthening relationships, questions around identity and anonymity online, and social systems research methods. She teaches Computing for the Socio-Techno Web. She obtained her B.A. in CS from Wellesley, MS and PhD in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. She has worked as a UX Researcher at Yik Yak, and has interned at Google and Apple.


Lauren Westendorf | Research Programmer

Lauren graduated from Wellesley College in 2015 with a major in psychology and a minor in computer science. She is interested in making complex data more accessible through HCI and creating interfaces that people enjoy using. Much of her free time is spent cooking and singing, often in tandem.
Christina Pollalis | Research Fellow

Christina Pollalis graduated from Wellesley College in 2016, where she studied Political Science and Computer Science. She is interested in exploring how different computer interfaces impact human behavior and working more with immersive technologies. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies and cooking.
Clarissa Verish | Research Fellow

Clarissa graduated from Wellesley in December 2016 with a degree in Chemistry. She is interested in engagement with science through tangible and digital interfaces. In her free time, she enjoys reading, listening to music, and watching Star Trek.

Hamlet | Lab Mascot

Hamlet is a 2-year-old Italian Greyhound who is interested in the burgeoning field of DCI (dog-computer interaction). He occasionally drops by the HCI lab, napping and cheering on students and researchers. Check out Hammy's instagram here: @instahamlet.


Amal Tidjani | Computer Science '18

Amal is a rising sernior majoring in Computer Science. She is especially interested in ubiquitous computing and reading about novel tangible user interfaces. When not coding in the lab, Amal enjoys go-karting, Netflixing, and playing with her fluffy hamsters.
Diana Tosca | Computer Science & Music '18

Diana is a rising senior from Miami, Florida, majoring in Computer Science and Music. She plays the violin and does nail art in her free time.
Jennifer Otiono | Biological Sciences '18

Jennifer Otiono is a rising senior from Boston, Massachusetts. She is looking forward to working at the intersection between Genomics and Computer Science and understanding its impact on social policy. In her free time, she enjoys art and music.
Midori Yang | Media Arts and Sciences '19

Midori Yang is a rising junior from New Jersey majoring in Media Arts and Sciences because graphic design is her passion. Her other hobbies besides programming include magazine layout, drawing for money, looking for rocky road ice cream on campus, and sleeping.
Parul Koul | Media Arts and Sciences '19

Parul is a rising junior from Bangalore, India, majoring in Computer Science. She is interested in the intersections of computer science and the life sciences, and how they can inform public health. In her free time she enjoys reading, music and cooking.
Bella Virgilio | Media Arts and Sciences '20

Bella is a rising sophomore planning to major in Media Arts and Sciences. She loves music and radio and is interested in design, web development, and UI/UX. Her other pastimes include playing volleyball for Wellesley and eating cheese.


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Anna Loparev | Postdoctoral Researcher

Anna Loparev is a Wellesley College alumna, Class of 2010. In March, she will be defending her doctoral dissertation at the University of Rochester, where she explored the impact of collaborative scaffolding in educational video games on collaborative support skills in the classroom. Anna's work now focuses on the intersection of collaboration, education, and play in next generation user interfaces.

Ryuhi Segreto | Research Programmer

Ryuhi graduated from Wellesley College in 2015 with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Philosophy. They worked in the lab from 2013 - 2015 as a student and through Fall 2015 as a Research Programmer. When not programming or fiddling with hardware, you can often find Ryuhi playing Ultimate Frisbee, curled up with a good book, or hanging out with their puppy, Hamlet. Ryuhi now works as a Junior .NET Developer at MedTouch.
Johanna Okerlund | Research Fellow

Johanna is a 2014 graduate of Wellesley. She was a computer science major and a music minor. She is interested in developing new interaction techniques and is especially excited about interfaces that use tangibles. Johanna is now pursuing her PhD at UNC Charlotte.
Casey Grote | Research Fellow

Casey graduated from Wellesley in 2014 with a degree in Media Arts and Sciences. They were a part of the lab from 2011-2015, and are excited about the intersection between hardware and user experience, open source computing and breaking computers. Casey is now an interaction designer at Bose.
Consuelo Valdes | Research Fellow

Consuelo is currently a UX Designer at Imprivata, Inc. Consuelo is interested in design concepts, performance efficiency, and making technology more accessible to users.
Hidde van der Meulen | Graduate Student, University of New Hampshire

Hidde van der Meulen is a Artificial Intelligence student from The Netherlands. His main interest lies in the field of human computer interaction, human-factors of driving, eye tracking, behavioral adaptation and other related fields. Hidde will finish his current master's program by the end of the summer 2016 and aims to continue in research. Hidde likes to play bass guitar and ukulele and enjoys cooking.
Petra Varsanyi | Graduate Student, University of New Hampshire

Petra is an electrical and computer engineering graduate student at University of New Hampshire. She is interested in the field of ubiquitous computing. Outside of lab, she is usually reading or watching movies. She is looking forward to working in collaborative research in HCI.
Nadia Fereydooni | Computer Enginnering '18, University of New Hampshire

Nadia is a junior Computer engineering major at University of New Hampshire. She is interested in the field of Human-Computer Interaction and next-generation interfaces. Other than coding, Nadia enjoys watching movies, reading, and playing piano.
Michelle Gelberger | Media Arts and Sciences '18

Michelle is a rising senior majoring in Media Arts and Sciences. She loves bad puns, cooking, and binge-watching tv shows.
Margaret Flemings | Media Arts & Sciences '18

Margaret is a rising senior majoring in Media Arts and Sciences. Margaret began working in the lab Spring 2016. In her free time she enjoys reading, drawing, and watching movies.
Soo Bin Yang | Psychology & Computer Science '18

Soo Bin Yang is a rising senior at Wellesley College studying Psychology and Computer Science. In her free time, she can be found taking a nap, watching Bones, or reading.
Jennifer Cho | Media Arts & Sciences '18

Jennifer is a rising senior at Wellesley College majoring in Media Arts and Sciences. She enjoys baking, playing taiko with Wellesley Aiko, and playing video games.
Lily Westort | Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences '18

Lily Westort is a rising senior from Ashland, Massachusetts. She is interested in new user interface platforms that help remove users from the traditional desktop interface. She enjoys hiphop music and dance, reading and ice cream.
Vivien Chen | Computer Science '18

Vivien Chen is a rising senior with a CS major and psychology minor. This coming year, Vivien is looking forward to singing with the Wellesley Widows, interning at the CWS, and reading in the greenhouse.
Whitney Fahnbulleh | Media Arts and Sciences '17

Whitney Fahnbulleh is a senior majoring in Media Arts and Sciences. She is interested in AR, VR, game design, and minority representation in video games. In her free time enjoys playing video games, watching TV and anime, and trying new foods.
Violet Kozloff | Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences and French '17

Violet studied Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences and French. She is working with the lab during the summer of 2017 and enjoys baking and being outside!
Jasmine Davis | Media Arts and Sciences '17

Jasmine graduated in 2017 and majored in Media Arts and Sciences. When not coding Jasmine enjoys reading, fencing, playing soccer, and horseback riding. She is now working in project management at Capital One.
Grace Hu | Computer Science and Mathematics '17

Grace Hu graduated in 2017 and double majored in Computer Science and Mathematics. She loves avocados, traveling, tennis, and pen-palling. She is now part of the Software Engineering Residency Program at Google.
Rachel Kwon | Cognitive & Linguistic Science '17

Rachel graduated in 2017 and majored in Cognitive and Linguistic Science. She is now doing a fellowship at Match Charter School in Boston for a year. After the Match Corps Fellow program, she plans on applying to grad school.
Sam Mincheva | Computer Science '17

Sam graduated in 2017 and majored in Computer Science. Outside of work, Sam can be found talking about cats, playing tetris, and starting and abandoning various projects. She is now working on the Software Development Systems team at Two Sigma Investments in New York
Lily Chen | Computer Science and Math '16

Lily is a software engineer at AirBNB.
Laura Ascher | French and Computer Science '16

Laura works as an engineering intern at Nordstrom.
Claire Schlenker | Computer Science '16

Claire works as a software engineer at Intuit.
Sravanti Tekumalla | Computer Science and Mathematics '16

Sravanti works as a web developer at Newsela.
Joanna Bi | Computer Science '15

Joanna works as an assitant staff - programming at MIT Lincoln Labs.
Claire Cerda | Sociology major, anthropology minor '15

Claire is a design researcher at Society of Grownups.
Cassie Hoef | Computer Science and Medieval and Renaissance Studies '15

Cassie is a program manager at Microsoft.
Veronica Lin | Computer Science '15

Veronica is pursuing a graduate degree in HCI at Stanford University.
Linda Ding | Computer Science '14

Linda is a specialist at Fuh Hwa Securities Investment Trust Company.
Nicole Francisco | Computer Science and Economics '14

Nicole is an associate software engineer at Amadeus IT Group.
Kara Lu | Biology '14

Heather Petrow | Media Arts and Sciences, Computer Science Concentration '14

Heather is a software engineer at KeyMe.
Elizabeth Stowell | Health and Society '14

Lily is a Graduate Research Assistant at the Wellness Technology Lab at Northeastern University.
Tiffany Chen | Biological Sciences '13

Tiffany is currently a student in the Computer Science master's program at Brandeis University, interested in exploring work at the intersection of Biology and Computer Science.
Taili Feng | Computer Science '13

Taili is currently working at Microsoft as an interaction designer. She is passionate about pursuing research in next-generation interfaces, as well as exploring and enhancing user experience through information visualization and interface design.
Michelle Ferreirae | Computer Science '13

Michelle loves helping people get over their fear of technology. She previously worked as a software engineer at Google.
Catherine Guo | Computer Science '13

Catherine is interested in hearing the user's perspective on emerging technologies, and applying their input to make technology more accessible. As a linguist, she is particularly interested in making user interfaces understandable to technophobes. She works as a marketing intern at LTG Exam Prep Platform
Kelsey Tempel | Computer Science '13

The ever expanding role technology plays in society inspired Kelsey to investigate new and innovative ways people can interact with computers. Kelsey is currently working at Redfin as a product manager.
Kathy Liu | Biology '13

Kathy is pursuing a Masters in HCI at Carnegie Mellon University.
Wendy Xu | Media Arts and Sciences '13

Wendy approaches HCI from the user's perspective, with an artist's eye, and with a background in Neuroscience. She is a interaction designer at DAT Solutions.
Nahum Seifeselassie | Biological Engineering '13

Nahum is studied biological engineering at MIT and interned at the Wellesley HCI lab for the summer. He works as a consultant at Accenture.
Kimberly Chang | Media Arts and Sciences'12

Kimberly received a Masters in HCI form Carnegie Mellon University. She currently works as an interaction designer at ExxonMobil.
Heidi Wang | Computer Science '12

Heidi received a Masters in HCI from Stanford. She is currently a project manager at LinkedIn.
Megan Strait | Research Fellow

Megan is a PhD candidate in the Cognitive Science program at Tufts University. Starting in Fall 2016, she will be an assistant professor of computer science at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.
Michael Lintz | Electrical and Computer Engineering '11

Mikey graduated from Olin College. He is currently working as a software engineer at Shift Technologies, Inc
MaCherie Edwards | Media Arts and Sciences '11

MaCherine works as a interaction designer at uShip.
Sarah Elfenbein | Biochemistry with Computer Science minor '10

Sarah studied Computational Biology at Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Her interests include studying algorithms underlying commonly used bioinformatics tools, including pairwise and multiple sequence alignment, and tree generation tools.
Lia Napolitano | Media Arts and Sciences '10

Lia works as a consulting designer and product advisor whose recent clients include Medium, Airbnb, NextEV and early stage startups. She is a founding member of Greylock's Consumer Design Community.
Chloe Fan | MAS and Psychology '09

Chloe's interests lie in public interfaces and tangible user interfaces, but also information visualization, social computing, creativity & play, and design & motivation. She is a UX designer at MetroMile.