Welcome to Concetta's Restroom! Have a seat if you will...

This lovely lady here is Concetta: a doll that's on a roll as far as her talents go!

The Concetta theme song:

It may be day, or it could be night-You've gotta go...

Alas! That last useless scrap is all that remains on the roll...

You look left, you look right-the shelves are bare!

You call out for help, but no one's there!

Just press the button and give a cheer!

Concetta will bring you that roll so dear!

Never fear, Concetta's here!

She'll save your rear-just: Try not to leer...

Concept: at its most basic, an automated TP roll delivery system...

-at the press of a "panic" button, Concetta herself will bring a new roll to the needy person

(In other words, no need to shout if you're all out!)

Basic development: additional functions of the Concetta system

-"hands-free" disposal of the empty roll (Lyn's "lazy user" suggestion)

-loading of a new roll onto the spindle (goes with Lyn's other "lazy user" suggestion)

-warning when the refill rolls are almost out (Athena: Uno!)

-"flashing" when the refill dispenser is empty (Cynara wanted Concetta to lift her skirt...)

Possible upgrades:

(mostly suggested directly/inspired by other students)

-dispensing of the toilet paper from the spindle (it spins while user presses a switch)

-clipping (bar swings across the sheet once the desired length has been reached)

-a merry melody programmed to play...

-for the curious, it would be simple to have the system keep track of how many rolls the user has gone through...

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