Documentation & Useful Links

Cyberduck Documentation (for downloading/uploading files)

Course Documentation

MATLAB Documentation, Installation and (optional) Purchase

  • Mathworks website
  • MATLAB Introduction written for CS332 Visual Information Processing course
  • MATLAB is available (for free) through Library and Technology Services at Wellesley College, for use on your laptop on the campus network (you can use SSL VPN, which will allow you to access resources even when you are off-campus). The MATLAB installers are available online for Macs and PCs, you can find instructions here. See this Platform Road Map at the Mathworks website for information about which operating systems are supported by recent versions of MATLAB.
  • The MATLAB Student Version ($99) can be purchased through the Mathworks website. This version includes both MATLAB and Simulink software for Windows, Mac or Linux workstations, and includes many additional Toolboxes.