Documentation of software tools used in CS 240:

CS 240 Computing Environments

CS 240 supports computing with:

CS 240 code assignments require a CS 240 computing environment.

CS 240 code assignments are designed, tested, and graded in the CS 240 computing environment, since low-level system details matter in this course. We guarantee support (help with provided tools) and consistency (our grading and your testing use the same environment) only for work on the lab workstations and the csenv appliance.

First-Time Setup

A CS account is required for all computing options. Request one if needed (on campus only).

Follow the instructions for the environment you are using:

Completing these steps on one workstation sets up the account that you use on all workstations (and

  1. Start with the lab activities on the Linux command line, Emacs, and C if you did not finish those during lab.

  2. To configure your CS account permanently1 to find CS 240 tools, open a terminal and run the command:

    source /home/cs240/live/env/init/

  3. Complete the Account Setup tasks for Git and CodeTub.

General Tools

C and x86

  1. If you prefer to use the CS 240 tools only in the current shell session, then run the command source /home/cs240/live/env/init/ instead; run this command in each shell session where you want to use the CS 240 tools. If you need to remove the permanent account configuration, edit ~/.bash_profile to remove the lines marked as related to CS 240.