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~ Kristine Amari - Alisha Weight - Frances Pong ~

Hi there!

Welcome to our final project webpage. As a final project we chose to create a game because we wanted people to be able to interact with and relate to our creation. We finally settled on a "board game" - that is, the player would throw a ball at a board with targets on it, and get points for hitting the correct targets. Of course, there was a prize for winning our game. There were many different opportunities for creativity in the construction of this project, and it was interesting and fun to develop.

Besides the main idea of the game, there were several several other small, complementary parts - These included a scorekeeper and something to deliver the prize to the player. We also wanted actions to be carried out each time the player hit a target.

In the sidebar to the left are links to documentation of the development of. At the top are links to code, as well as an introduction to the project. Below that is a list of each day we worked on our project and the work we did on that day. You can follow exactly what we did and which parts were changed as the project developed. Finally, there is a link to a site created to display more aspects of what we did in Robotics Design Studio, and more pictures and links.