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Homework 6B - Improve Your Animation
Due See Schedule.

In this homework you are asked to improve your animation you did in homework 3 by adding Type and Sound to it. At a minimum you should make sure you add a title and credits screen to your animation, in the beginning and/or at the end of the animation. And you should add a small portion of sound, as background music and/or as sound effects.

Of course, if you decide to improve your overall animation, feel free to do so, It is not required but it may improve your work so that it can be included in your portfolio.

But always make sure you keep working versions of your work so that, if something goes bad, you do not lose much of your work.

What to turn in: Save your file as name_title.dir where name is your puma account name and title is the title of your animation. Place the dir file inside your ps06 directory.



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