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CS215 is offered in the Fall 2014

The purpose of this course is to give students a broad foundation in issues related to creating multimedia and hypermedia applications. Topics to be covered include history and philosophy of hypermedia, principles of human-computer interaction, multimedia programming, optimizing for CD-ROMs and the WWW, digital representation and editing of media (audio, graphics, video), media compression and transmission, and delivery of multimedia applications.
Special Emphasis: Computer Puzzles & Games.

CS 111 is required. In addition, ARTS 105, ARTS 108 or ARTS 109 is recommended.

P. Takis Metaxas, Computer Science and Media Arts & Sciences
Office Hours: TBA and by appointment.


  • Lectures: The class meets in JEWETT 247 (the Media Arts Lab) on
    Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays 11:10AM-12:20PM.
    Not all meeting times will be utilized, see the schedule.
  • Teaching Assistant: Sophia Zachares and Athena Kihara
    TA Hours:

Topics & Tools

  • Basics
    An Overview of Multimedia
    Case Studies
    Basic Programming in Director
  • Hypermedia
    Principles of User Interface (including GUIs)
    User Interface & Screen Design
    Navigation Techniques
    Storyboarding & Story Development
    Visualizing Quantitative Information
    Form vs. Function
    Appropriate Applications of Multimedia - When should a book be a book?
    Accomodating Multiple Views
  • Media
    Basic Electronic Imaging
    Image File Formats
    Importing/Exporting between Programs
    Scanning for Screen & Printer
    Traditional & Computer Animation
    Sound Processing, Representation of Sound Waves
    Recording, Mixing, and Editing
    The Moving Image: Digitizing Video
    Video Editing & Production
  • Design Issues
    History & Impact of Typography
    Page Layout Techniques
    Basic Design Principles
    Color Theory Principles
  • Publishing for the Future
    The WWW as a Culture
    Designing for the Web
    The HTML Language & its Future
  • Related Issues
    A Philosophical Perspective of multimedia
    The Impact of Technology on Learning
    The Presentation of Information
    The Impact of Technology on Art
    Copyright, Ethics, & Society


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