Past Projects
MAS Major

Course Requirements

  • The Honor Code applies for this course. This means that the work you submit must be absolutely your own.
  • Attendance - an absolute must.
  • Your preparation for class is also essential.
  • Weekly homework and a Small Interactive Project
  • There will be a self-scheduled (open books and personal notes) final exam for the course.
  • Grading:
    10% Class Preparation and Participation; on time assessment completion.
    50% Nine Homework Assignments
    20% One Small Project
    20% Final Exam
  • Criteria for Grading Homework:
    Effective Use of the Media
    Following Guidelines covered so far


We will mostly use the resources that are listed next to each lecture of the course.

MMF (required) Multimedia Foundations: Core Concepts for Digital Design, by Vic Costello, Focal Press (2012). Available in hard and soft copies at the Science Library Reserves.

D11 (online manual): Director 11 Reference (online) - by Adobe
This is the official reference for the software we will be using. A pdf copy of the Director 11 Reference is also available online.

Dean: (online) Dean's Director Tutorials and Resources contain are online and can be helpful when you want to learn Director by example.

The following resources are highly recommended for the course:

Rozenzweig: Advanced Lingo for Games (2000). An old book that can be very useful to those they want to become expert programmers of Director.

The material below are accessible only from within the campus:


There are several multimedia CD-ROMs available. Feel free to browse them in SCI 160A. Also in the Science Library a must-see: The Matrix / The Matrix Revisited (DVDs).




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