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Homework 6 - Lingo Events
Due See Schedule.

In this homework you will explore the various events that Director generates and will write a few simple event handlers to demonstrate your understanding.

Where to put the script?
Q1: Look at this example. You want to have many flowers on the stage. Each of them, when clicked, beeps. Where do you put the script(s)?

Q2: Look at this example. You want a ball that bounces, beeping on contact with the floor. Where do you put the script(s)?

Q3: Look at this example. You want two identical flowers behaving differently. The smaller on the left beeps, the other does not. Where to you put the script(s)?

Q4: Look at this example. To be able to count the number of clicks for each flower, you need to initialize the counters. Where do you put the script initializing the counters?


Your .dir files should be no larger than 2 MB each.

What to turn in: Answer the questions above by creating a file name_events.html and describe in there your responses. If it is possible to solve the problem in more than one ways, describe them all but explain clearly which would be the best option. In addition, for each of the Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 recreate the behavior of each example by creating files q1.dir, q2.dir, q3.dir and q4.dir exhibiting the "best option". Place the html and dir files inside your ps06 directory.

In addition to how well you executed the assignment, you will be graded on how well you followed the specifications of the assignment, and whether you completed its Assessment questionnaire.



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