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Homework 8 - Puzzle App of your favorite spot in the College
Due: See Schedule

This assignment requires that you build a puzzle that uses a photograph you have taken of your favorite spot on campus. Take a photograph and edit it according to your preferences (crop it, re-touch it, edit it, etc) but keep in mind that it will be used inside a Director app, so think about its size.

For the puzzle, create a Director file that replicates the behavior shown in the Arkas puzzle, but it uses your (edited) photo! The following requirements must be observed:

  • Your puzzle is composed of 16 pieces.
  • The image to assemble matches your photo. That way, when the last piece of the puzzle is locked in place, the photo appears automatically.
  • The coordinates of the completed puzzle and the photo should coincide so that the transition of the puzzle to the photo looks realistic, as if the puzzle pieces just disappeared.
  • When you solve the puzzle, one of seven messages is randomly chosen and displayed on the banner. For example, in the Arkas Puzzle the following messages are displayed: "Way to go!", "You rock!", "You are like totally!", or "Good for you." You choose the messages.
  • You keep track of the user's ability to solve the puzzle by counting correctly how many pieces they picked and moved around until they solved the puzzle. A counter is displayed that tells them their score.
  • Pieces placed correctly lock in place and do not move anymore.
  • When the user picks a puzzle piece, it appears on top of the others, so it is possible to play the game without losing pieces hiding behind others or outside the visible boundaries of the app.
  • Use sound programming techniques such as abstracting code into functions, name your markers and pieces, etc.
  • To make my grading life (and your testing life) much easier you must include a "cheat button" in your puzzle. Here is how: let's say that the frame with the solved puzzle is called "solved". Include script in an element so that, when you click on it, it will take you to "solved" without having to solve the puzzle. For consistency, make this element be your name.
  • As usual, remember to use the techniques (use of sound, type, animation) and principles (CRAP) that you have learned so far and find a natural way to incorporate them in your project.
  • Your .dir file should be no larger than 2 MB.


When done, name your file name_puzzle.dir, (where name is your own account name) and publish it as usual; place this folder also inside your directory ps08. Of course this directory should be inside your CS215 folder.

In addition to how well you executed the assignment, you will be graded on how well you followed the specifications of the assignment, and whether you completed its Assessment questionnaire.

Have fun!



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