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Homework 5 - Basic Screen Design

Due: See Schedule

In this homework you will work in pairs. It does not matter much who you are working with, you just need to make the collaboration work - that's what happens in real life. Since we have an odd number of students in the current class, I randomly assign you to groups 6 groups of 2 consecutive names, except of the A group that has 3 names. The remaining groups contain 2 consecutive names each, labeled B, C, D, E, F. Ask me if this is not clear.

Gestalt Principles of Perception: The Tutorial

Create an application that demonstrates your ability of understanding and applying the principles of good screen design: Create a Director application that teaches the fundamentals of the Gestalt Principles of Perceptions to students at a liberal Arts college. You can assume that your audience has not take a course in cognitive psychology , and would like them to know at least the basics terminology, such as

  • proximity,
  • similarity,
  • continuity,
  • closure,
  • and at least two more definitions (e.g., "Gestalt") that are needed to explain well the subject.

Do not create a powerpoint-style slide show. Instead, make sure that you are using the principles in your own design. Using the frame navigational techcnique create a "scene" where a viewer can find explanation to the terms above with a click. You can use the definitions found in the websites of DePaul University, of interaction-design.org or of Spokane Falls CC (and/or other reliable sources). In any case, you must give credit to your sources.

You may want to consult the tutorials on color theory and on digital representation of color as a couple of similar examples on different subjects.


For each of the definitions, provide a example that demonstrates the definition.

Your .dir file should be no larger than 5 MB.

When done, name your file gestalt.dir, and publish it. Augment the .html file so that it lists the names of the team members, describes how you did it and how you applied the design principles. Put these three files inside each of your ps05 directory.

In addition to how well you executed the assignment, you will be graded on how well you collaborated, you followed the specifications of the assignment, and whether you completed its Assessment questionnaire.



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