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Development Timeline

In no particular order:

  Lyn-food -   Cars need fuel, HandyBoards need recharging,

...and we need Lyn-cookies.

  Lyn -   For lots of answers, energy, and hauling of water.
Robbie -    Who is in a constant state of being supposed to go home a looong time ago but stays anyways to help us put "footballs" on the breadboards
Thought-provoking Music -   
Rainforest by Arkenstone, Suzanne Ciani, etc. etc... good stuff.  
  People Who Lent Us Things -
Styrofoam (loaned from trash-pile without consent) + underbed storage (neighbors are good things to have occasionally) + nailpolish (multiple folks, thanks!)
Wellesley Children's Center -   For the kiddie pool that saved us that last day, and the two shovels (for us who have never shovelled snow in our life) to shovel out the pool, and the near-frostbite experience trying to roll the pool back with our bare hands (we will die by stupidity someday)
  Custodian Folks -
For giving us a massive stack of paper towels, for helping us mop up our puddle, and for scooping out water for us.
Internet -   For the popper:
and the waterwheel ideas:
created by us with -oana-