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Here at the HCI Lab we are dedicated to the innovation and investigation of next-generation technology. Over the past two decades, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research has generated a broad range of interaction styles that move beyond the desktop into new physical and social contexts. Key areas of innovation in this respect are tangible, tabletop, and embodied user interfaces. These interaction styles share important commonality: leveraging users' existing knowledge and skills of interaction with the real non-digital world such as naive physics, spatial, social and motor skills. Such interfaces offer a more natural, intuitive, and accessible form of interaction that reduces the mental effort required to learn and operate a computational system and supports high-level cognition.

Currently we are investigating how next-generation interaction techniques can enhance collaborative problem solving and discovery in data-intense areas.

Latest News

October 2018, We were awarded a new NSF Future of Work grant in collaboration with University of New Hampshire, Harvard Bussiness School, University of Washington, and University of Wisconsin -The Next Mobile Office: Safe and Productive Work in Automated Vehicles

August 2018 We received a new NSF grant in collaboration with NYU and Open Humans - UbiQomix: HCI for Personal Omics

May 2017 Our project, HoloMuse, was demoed at Venture Café's event: AR / VR Night: The Future of Augmented Reality!

May 2017 Our journal paper, Communicating Personal Genomic Information to Non-experts: A New Frontier for Human-Computer Interaction, was presented at CHI 2017!

May 2017 Our workshop paper, Designing for Uncertainty in HCI: When Does Uncertainty Help?, was presented at CHI 2017!

January 2017 Our paper, Understanding Gaming Perceptions and Experiences in a Women’s College Community, has been accepted to CHI 2017!

November 2016 Our paper, BacPack: Exploring the Role of Tangibles in a Museum Exhibit for Bio-Design, has been accepted to TEI 2017!

November 2016 Our demo, HoloMuse: Enhancing engagement with Archaeological Artifacts through Gesture-Based Interaction with Holograms, has been accepted to TEI 2017!

August 2016 Our poster, Towards understanding collaboration around interactive surfaces: Exploring joint visual attention, has been accepted to UIST 2016!

July 2016 New NSF-funded collaborative project with Tufts' Dev Tech group: "Making the Invisible Tangible: Reimagining Science Education in Kindergarten through Reality-Based Interfaces"

January 2016 Our paper, GenomiX: A Novel Interaction Tool for Self-Exploration of Personal Genomic Data, has been accepted to CHI 2016!

November 2015 Our paper, SynFlo: A Tangible Museum Exhibit for Exploring Bio-Design, has been accepted to TEI 2016!

September 2015 The 2015 iGEM Giant Jamboree was a huge success! Our project, BacPack for New Frontiers, earned our team a gold medal!

July 2015 We are currently in search of a Research Programmer to join our team. Contact us if interested!

April 2015 Check out our latest blog post to learn about Synflo and our exciting collaboration with The Tech!

April 2015 We'll be at CHI2015 this year, presenting a WIP, Exploring The Use of Google Glass in Wet Laboratories, and participating in a few workshops. We'll be sharing An Environment For Long-Term Engagement with Personal Genomic Data at the Beyond Personal Informatics: Designing for Experiences with Data Workshop, Exploring Tangible Interaction for Collaborative Creative Experiences at the Collaborating With Intelligent Machines workshop, and Tangible Interaction With Large Data Sets Using Active Tokens at the Exploring the Challenges of Making Data Physical Workshop; Keep an eye out for us!

March 1 2015 Cirque Du CS was a great success! Thanks to everyone who participated and checked out our work!

February 2015 Kicking off an exciting collaboration with The Tech! Watch our blog for more info- details coming soon!

January 2015 Did you hear we presented at TEI 2015? Check our blog post for highlights!

December 2014: CS320:Tangible User Interfaces students are presenting their final projects on Monday 12/8/14 in room e125.

October 2014: We presented at UIST2014 and SUI014; You can find out more about our projects Eugenie++, Zspace+FNIRS, and our student innovation contest entries WeatherBlender, TapTimer and DinoBox on our blog!

June 2014: Curious as to what we're working on? We're now blogging our projects! Come check us out!

May 2014: The Wellesley Human-Computer Interaction Lab is featured in Interactions: A day in the Lab - WHCI.

February 2014: Our CHI 2014 paper on Exploring the Design Space of Gestural Interaction with Active Tokens through User-Defined Gestures has received Best Paper Award Honorable Mention (awarded to top 5% of papers).

October 24, 2013: The Wellesley HCI lab celebrated the recent renovation of our lab space, with donor and trustee Amy Batchelor, Wellesley College ’88. The renovation was made possible by generous support from Amy Batchelor and her husband, Brad Feld.

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