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This on-line museum showcases the projects built by Wellesley students participating in the Wintersession Robotic Design Studio course since its inception in 1996. Click on a thumbnail to visit a website about the corresponding project.

Fall, 2010

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January 2009
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January 2007
At our most popular exhibition yet, more than than 200 attendees played with the 10 projects built by this year's 26 students.
BlueCrew Row-bot Regatta Cheaper than Therapy Robot Escape From Wellesley Robot Grond: The Lego Trebuchet
Kill The Crocodile Madame Lucy: The Amazing Fortune-Telling Goose RoboDog Recycle Bot
SpiderBot: Search and Destroy Theseus Fire-Fighting Robot

January 2005

Braving the blizzard of 2005 and buoyed by a band of boisterous and bodacious Blues, 26 brainy but bleary-eyed buddies built 12 brilliant and beautiful bots.
Art Robot Clifford Robot BANKbot Concetta
Duck Polo Game of Shame Glazunov Grendel
Harry Potter Wand Magic Party Cup Race in Space Robots Sword in the Stone

January 2004

Having taken a break in 2003, the RDS course came roaring back. Twenty-nine students built 13 wonderful and clever projects.
Bumper Cars Pig Race Castle Jack in the Box
Coal the Dog Kate's Ducks Killa Rabbit Tennis the Mennace
Labyrinth NASA Robot Pinball

January 2002

To celebrate the last palindromic year of this century, 34 students built twelve delightful robot projects. Check out six of them!
Coffee Troll Dance of the Hours Felix, the Firefighting Robot FingerPilot ASL
Harry Potter Board Game Whack-A-Mole

January 2001

Arthur C. Clarke's HAL would have gladly opened the pod bay doors for the eleven creative robots constructed by this year's 25 students. We were delighted that John Galinato and his Build-It-Yourself team were able to join us at this year's exhibition.
Avalance! Candy Sorter A Day in the Park The Tokyo Tower II Project
Hey Diddle Diddle Jungle Monkey Rubber Ducky's Car Wash Templeton the Tarantula
Tom and Jerry The Tortoise and the Hare

January 2000

Undeterred by Y2K, 30 students worked in teams to construct twelve great robot projects. Here is the story of those projects, as told by the students.
Fire-Fighting Robot A Mouse Like No Other Magic Wand Pups
Robotic Chicken Star Dragon Touchlator Tower of Love
Wall Follower Wellesley Cuckoo Clock Western Duel Wizard of Oz


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